BEFORE having access to DESK...


- Not able to understand the core concepts of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and other subjects.

- Having difficulty in arranging and managing study notes.

- No way to repeat or re-take the lectures in school and college.

- Do not have any self-paced test or assessment system. 



AFTER having access to DESK...


Top five reasons why to give DESK learning tool box in the hands of students:

-Our quality digital content (dContent) is generic as well as specifically based on Pakistan National Education curriculum.

- It has information density and richness (meaning it does contain items like Video Lessons, Illustrated Detail Video Solutions and Notes, Assessment /Quiz, Past Examinations Solved Papers). Main features of the mentioned items are creative digital writing, illustrated graphics, animations, audios, videos and podcasting.

- Will be nation's largest bilingually electronic repository of education of its own kind.

- All the dContent is designed and developed by the national and foreign highly qualified Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). BEST lectures and solutions created by the BEST teachers.

- Ability to run/take lectures over and over again. Ability to do the unlimited practice using interactive Assessment/Quiz sections.


DESK is serving you and we know how. Study Differently. Study Smartly.


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