- We here at DESK are a bit proud to announce that now we have Pakistan's first FLIP Study Center

- DESK FLIP Study Center is Instructor-led, Instructor-facilitated brick-and-mortar setting. As students take the digital lectures online on this DESK web portal on their own time at their own locations such as home or elsewhere and then they come to Flip Study Center to do the "home work", "practice" and to clarify their "queries and questions" face-to-face.

DESK FLIP Study Center is also have computer-based environment or section (we called it Digital Education Streaming kiosks). It is equipped with latest workstations/computers with broadband connections or connected to internal data server. Where they can take on-demand digital lectures and then join the "home work", "practice" and "queries and questions" sessions. This particular extension (Kiosks) of DESK FLIP Study Center is for those users or students who do not have internet access or equipment to access the DESK website at their own location. Hate digital divide, don't you. Our Kiosks are also to narrow down the digital divide...across nationwide cities and much as we can. 


DESK is serving you and we know how. Study Differently. Study Smartly.


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