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DESK (Digital Education Streaming Kiosk) is transforming existing educational curriculum delivery system into high quality digital content streaming by using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).  

Mix it ALL at DESK

Unlike a traditional educational training unit, DESK is the answer to an obvious need of use of advance digital tools in education and training in Pakistan. DESK is engaging digital natives (students of 21st century) and revolutionizing teaching practices through blended and flip learning approaches.

DESK’s vision is to facilitate our generations to come so that they can:

- Have better understanding and awareness of their issues

- Flourish their abilities by utilizing our provided platforms, resources and  institutes

- Find innovative solutions for their very local, national, global and cosmic issues


At DESK we are not only after the generic but also very local, specific, targeted educational content recommended by different provincial educational boards of Pakistan. This content delivery system is available bilingually (English and Urdu, mother tongue option is also under consideration).

Products and Services...


At this point in time, DESK content delivery system tool box comprises of different learning tools/modules namely video lessons, illustrated detail solutions in the form of videos and notes, assessment/quiz and past examinations solved papers. All of these modules are easily accessible through User TECH-BOOKS Dashboard.



Everyone, of course the breathing ones(coaching centers, coaching academies, colleges, parents, schools, students, teachers/tutors/educators) can get help from this well equipped learning tool box. 




Let's explore the different learning tools a bit...
VIDEO LESSONS Foreign highly qualified and certified subject matter experts are carefully designing and developing these lessons, explaining the under discussion core concepts by using animations, self explanatory graphics, audios, videos, podcasting as per the education text books and relevant material. They are actively incorporating the newest ideas and features...view demo if you like. Our video lessons are bringing science and math to life beyond the class-room.
ILLUSTRATED DETAIL SOLUTIONS In this arena, in order to craft the step by step solutions for the numerical questions and derivations in hand, highest level of development is being achieved by using the best hardware available on the planet. Please view the samples (video solution and solution notes) to become eyewitness and do the testimony later.
ASSESSMENT/QUIZ In the DESK universe of digital assessment, current focus is on the objective type questions such as True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, and Fill in the Blanks. Online, time phased (for example 20 questions in 30 minutes), interactive, highly functional and user friendly quizzes are available for user to do the unlimited practice. All the assessment sessions are carefully mapped as per the final examination requirements. Every quiz session is loaded with the hints, complete review and the feedback. Powerful yet simple for you to explore.
PAST EXAMINATIONS SOLVED PAPERS Obviously you do not want to miss out what happened in the previous examinations. In this learning tool user will find useful guided mechanism of answering the questions as per the board marking scheme, this will indeed help user to do the practice for the final examination and get maximum marks, here is an example.
DESK is serving you and we know how. Teach or Study Differently. Teach or Study Smartly.


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