At DESK (Digital Education Streaming Kiosk) you are also the point of focus, because you are building the workforce for future. We have been working very diligently since 2011 and could not wait to tell you that now we have a learning tool box that will heavily assist you in your teaching activities. It contains Video Lessons, Illustrated Detail Solutions, Assessment/Quiz, and Past Examinations Solved Papers...so that you can excel in your teaching/coaching activities. Take a look at yourself.

Come explore us and get register for NO cost to have free access to the DESK digital content delivery system and explore yourself that how you can utilize it to improve your pedagogy, i.e. the science and art of education, specifically instructional theory.

Mix this online learning resource with your face-to-face teaching. You can spend more time interacting with students instead of lecturing. Our created videos that students view outside of class time. It will lead to additional learning-based activities including differentiated instruction and project-based learning.

Give us your valuable feedback, talk to us, drop us a note. We are very eager to listen from your side. Visit us at our Facebook page, leave the comment there if you like.


DESK is serving you and we know how. Teach Differently. Teach Smartly.


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