Make no mistake, current era children or pupils are digital natives. Meaning either they are using or like to use different information and communication technologies. To do what?...of course the big chunk is to socially interact with their friends and also to get their desired information including study material. We at DESK are dedicated to provide the later...i.e. quality digital study material. View it yourself.
In addition to that as of today, if you take a look on the global map, most of the developed nations are extensively using blended and flip learning approaches. This is exactly what this web portal will do...give first hand and hands-on experience to enjoy BLENDED and FLIP learning.
So the idea is simple yet powerful. Like, before your children go to school, college or any other study center. They can get a head start by using the DESK learning tool box. It is a SUPPORTING TOOL for the students to use it anywhere and anytime.
Most importantly...our learning tool box and digital content delivery system is a complete comprehensive solution, which allow students to re-run the video lessons as many time as they like, until they absorb and understand the concept under discussion. The system has the modularize approach backed up with Video Lessons, Illustrated Detail Solutions, Assessment/Quiz and Past Examinations Solved Papers sections. 
So that your children have GOOD GRIP of study material and get maximum marks in their examination and move towards the very BRIGHT FUTURE.
And needless to say, ALL of this is given away with a very nominal fee/charge as compared to the other learning, training and coaching  practices. For your and our beloved children, DESK is providing very valuable access to rich content related to studies.

Please view the TEAM PROFILE responsible for designing and developing the study material. LEARN FROM THE BEST TEACHERS.

Down the line tracking and monitoring of the study progress will be incorporated in DESK learning tool box.

DESK is serving you and we know how. Teach or Study Differently. Teach or Study Smartly.


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